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December 2021

Good morning Harry

We made it home last night and back to normal life today
Everyone had a wonderful time in England and you were a big part of that .
The children really got to see and learn quite a bit and you gave us 
many more details and side stops than if we had chosen a larger more commercial tour
Meredith and Evan were up early this morning rehearsing what they were going to 
present to their classmates today for show and tell 
Should we make it back to England  we will for sure ask you to show us 
more of the wonderful sights
Greg Miller
National Logistics Services, Inc.



London recommendations
March 28th, 2021
From Daisydaisy20

My recommendation is for an all-day city tour from a fabulous tour guide, Harry Norman ( I've done a city tour with Harry twice, and he wowwed me both times. Each tour is customized according to your interests. Let him know ahead of time what you'd like to see, and he'll make it happen. He is witty, engaged, and knowledgable. You can pepper him with questions all day long, and he'll tell you everything you want to know about London. He will pick you up at your hotel around 9:30 and drive you all over the city in his minivan. He has a parking permit that allows you easy access to all sites. You can stop to explore, take pictures, go inside, or he will just whiz you by for a good look if you have other places on your list. You'll enjoy lunch in a pub with him, followed by a full afternoon of exploring. He did an excellent job of organizing our interests geographically so we spent the maximum amount of time seeing the city and a minimum of time sitting in London's horrible traffic. (Booking on the weekend is a good option to avoid traffic.) There are no strangers in the van with you -- your tour is just for you -- although I suppose you could connect with other passengers on your cruise via Cruise Critic and agree to share the tour. We saw so many things we never would have had time to get to had we not booked with Harry. For my second tour with him, I booked for the day after we landed in order for my travel companion, who had never been to London, to get an overview and choose the things he wanted to see in more detail for the rest of the trip. Harry had excellent recommendations for us about the best days and times to go to various attractions.

Have a wonderful holiday!


From Edward Moalem
Sent: Mon, 28 October 2020
Dear Harry,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other prospective clients:-
 "Harry, recently Michelle and I had what can only be described as a travel day filled with adversity.
The weather, the Gods and the airlines conspired to ruin our trip even before it began.
One of the happiest and reassuring moments of our trip was the greeting you gave us as we exited customs at Heathrow Airport after our tumultuous airline trip.
Your warm greeting, cheerful attitude and quick wit instantly put us into the "English Spirit". Although I've travelled to the United Kingdom many times, this was my wife's first trip abroad. Your in depth knowledge of the people, sites and history was very apparent as we exited the parking area.
With my interest in history and my wife's interest in anything English, you skilfully entertained us both with a balance of sites and stories.
Even though we only had a little less than eight hours to enjoy London and the outlying area's, you filled the day with enough sites to wet both our appetites for a return visit.
I would nominate you for king if a commoner could fill that position."


Subject: Thank you so much from the Maguires

Sent: Mon, 30 Jul 2020

Dear Harry:
We survived jet lag from our flight back home and are settling back to our regular everyday life.

We want to thank you for your hospitality during our visit to England. You truly made history real and tangible. We loved that you allowed us to set our tour at own pace since we were able to truly enjoy and absorb the atmosphere. The girls still talk about the Magna Carta and Runnymead. We are all still at awe from hearing the choir at Salisbury Cathedral as well at Westminster Cathedral where we were able to hear Mass. Adding Windsor Castle was brilliant and became one of our favorites. We never would have thought of it ourselves and we have you to thank for it.

The Royal Albert Hall was on Michael's life's bucket list and he was so glad to see it. Stonehenge was on mine and I must have taken a picture of it from every angle possible! The girls loved eating at the old pub in Salisbury. Anna enjoyed practicing her British accent with you.

I can go on and on. It was not just a tour. It was not just seeing monuments and landmarks. You made the experience feel as if we were visiting with friends. Not only do we have memories of what we saw, we also have memories of warmth and friendship.

Thank you.
Barbra Quimpo Maguire


Subject: Thank you!

From: Raymond Kania
To: Harry Norman London Tours
Sent: Sat, 9 Jun 2020

Hello Harry and Pat,

Cathy and I finally have made it home from a great 2 1/2 weeks of vacation.

Harry, we both think that you were just the perfect person for us in London! You helped make memories for us! We enjoyed your company, your knowledge, your consideration, but most importantly, your friendship.

Thanks again for making our London trip such a wonderful experience. We cannot express enough how satisfied we are with the service you provided us.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for anyone who would think twice about "Harry Norman London Tours".

Our Thanks again.
Raymond Kania


Subject: Hello from the Leaths.

From: Derek Leath
To: harrystour
Sent: Thu, 29 Mar 2020

Thank You Harry and Pat! Dear Harry and Pat, We would like to express our gratitude for your guidance,experience and overall expertise. We had such an amazing time with you and the experience is one that we will cherish forever. Pat, from the moment we emailed you, we knew you were wonderful. You are so very prompt and informative and it truly helped us make a decision on where to travel.

We were in London eight days but the two days that we toured with Harry were the best! Harry called us at our hotel to introduce himself and re-confirm our meeting time and date(very professional). From the moment Harry picked us up at our hotel, we knew he was a consummate professional. He opened our car doors and always made us feel comfortable and safe. We traveled for hours and Harry, you have knowledge and/ or interesting information about everything. We sincerely appreciate all of the extra places you took us to and especially all of the interesting, off the beaten path destinations. After touring for eight hours, you then took us back to London and you know all of the hidden back-roads and back staircases to such places as The Tower Bridge. You knew that our daughter, Allie, really wanted to walk across this bridge and you made her dream come true. You dropped us off in such a place that we freely walked up the stairs and had virtually no crowd in the middle of rush hour, unbelievable! Harry, you definitely went out of your way for us and we truly appreciate your kindness. Your web site says, " meet as strangers and leave as friends." If you can't have fun with Harry then you are not fun because he is a great guy, full of energy, life, experience and knowledge. We are so pleased that we met you and we had the most amazing time with you.

Next time we are in London, without question, we will book Harry!!!

Sincerely, Derek, Jill and Allie Leath


Subject: Harry Norman's tours

From: Maddie Dunn
Sent: Thu, Aug 25, 2019

My mom, best friend and I spent a week in London. During the planning we found Harry Norman’s website and knew we wanted him as our tour guide.

I read that Harry is often booked months in advance so emailed him right away and was answered quickly by his lovely wife, Pat!
We decided to take The Sightseeing Tours of London, Eton & Windsor Castle, Salisbury & Stonehenge (Tours 1, 6, and 3 respectively).
While on the weeklong trip we did take other tours but none compared to Harry!
We can honestly say that our favorite days were the ones spent with Harry Norman.
He was prompt at picking us up every morning and always had a smile on his face. He made the trip about us and allowed the schedule to be flexible. We got to do what we wanted to do which was very nice.

Harry knows all the hidden spots of London that allow you to get a better and more fun idea of the city.

I came back to London later on that month to go on a cruise with my mom, dad, and younger brother.

Upon disembarkation from the ship, I immediately THRILLED to see Harry walking towards us at the Dover port.
Harry had rearranged his schedule for US!

That day we went to the cliffs of Dover overlooking the port, Leeds Castle, and Canterbury Cathedral. This just shows the kind of kind hearted person Harry Norman is. He is an absolute ball to be around and you can’t help but laugh at his jokes.
You can tell he loves what he does,and cares about his clients.

The quote on his page, “Where clients arrive as strangers, and leave as friends” is so true.

He’s the best there is and that’s a fact!!

Maddie Dunn


Subject: London Tours : Donham family tour

From: Sonja Donham
To: harrynormantours
Sent: Tue, 26 Jul 2019

Many thanks to Harry. We had a very informative and fun day. As we were getting out of the car, Jasper (our grandson) said, " This has been one
of the best days of my life".Thats pretty big compliment for a teenager.

The Donham Family


Subject: THANK YOU

From: Glenn and Kyle Butler
Sent: Wed, 2 Jun 2019 19:28:17 EDT

Hi Pat and Harry,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for our tour of London. We had a blast!!!!

Harry was a fantastic guide sharing London's history, and customs all with his wonderful sense of humor.

He provided us with a most memorable day. By the end of the tour, we felt as if we were touring with a friend rather than a guide. If our travels bring us back to England we will be sure to use your services once again. Take care...and if your travels ever bring you to Central Florida USA (maybe you will bring the grandchildren you yearn for and pout about some day) please contact us.

We would love to have you for dinner.

Thanks again for making our visit so special.

Glenn and Kyle Butler


Subject: Re: London tours - 2 tours in Sept 2009

From: Renay Jones
Sent: Tue, 12 Sep 2018 16:41
Hello Harry and Pat,

Just got the Internet working in the flat again and wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU!!

My parents and I had two wonderful days with you last week that really have been the highlight of our trip so far. The Stonehenge tour was so informative, just a truly special day, even with the typical British weather! The Cotswold tour on my mother's birthday was unbelievable. I can't express how much that day meant to my family. Mom had a wonderful day and felt like a princess under Harry's special care. You r eally took pains to accommodate her bad knee and inability to walk around much and it was very much appreciated. All the little villages we saw were so quaint and se rene. Exactly the kind of day we were looking for to celebrate a wonderful woman's birthday.

Your knowledge of the sites and country made both days very informative and special. We felt like we were saying goodbye to an old friend at the end, not something as crude as a tour guide we had hired.

Again, thank you for making our two days with you very special and for sharing your love of the true England with us. We really appreciated it! And we will definitely call again the next time we are in England.

Johnny, Ruth, and Renay Jones


Subject: Re: London Tours - August 26th

From: Pamela Lurie

Sent: Tue, 1 Sep 2018

Hi Pat and Harry!

Just wanted to let you know that we arrived home Sunday evening, exhausted but with incredible memories.

Our tour of Hampton Court was certainly one of the highlight!

We are so grateful to Harry for his kindness and friendliness toward our worn-out and hormonal teenager! She loved him!

Pam Lurie



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